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Spring 2016

“Fortune favours the bold”

This issue, we explore bold ways in which companies can move forward in order to win in their respective markets. Many companies are accustomed to facing and adapting to ever-shorter product life cycles and incremental improvements by competitors; however, this a race that will never end. To get ahead, you must change the rules. While our last issue was about adaptation, this issue, we focus on bold, but calculated risks. Between the covers lies examples of opportunities managers in a variety of industries can seize in order to stay ahead.

Our article featured on the cover discusses how Apple can enter the 3D printing business to not only supplement their current offerings, but to essentially carve out a new industry. As well, the piece on the Canadian law system addresses how lawyers can leverage a new digital platform to provide more competitive rates to low to middle-income Canadians, while decreasing excess capacity in the industry.

Innovation, however, is not just restricted to technology. Our team also explored how Community-Supported fisheries, which are changing the way businesses source sustainability, can bring more value to the hotel industry.

Moreover, our interview with the CFO of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) brings insight on their expansion into the digital space. No longer just content with being a film festival, TIFF is forging ahead into the digital world in an attempt to become a global film center.

However, with bold moves comes highly uncertain outcomes. Thus, while it is important to dream, it is also imperative to be strategic and critical of the changing landscape you are faced with. We hope you enjoy and take inspiration from the ideas presented by our team.

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